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how to care for your furniture

Handle With Care

All finishes are prone to scratches and other damages, so great care must be taken to prolong the life of your wooden furniture.

To clean, simply use a soft cloth and lukewarm water. A mild detergent may be used to clean stubborn messes. Be sure to wipe with the grain of the wood. Avoid using glass cleaners on finished furniture because the ammonia will chemically attack the lacquer. Never allow any liquids to remain in decorative grooves as they will be absorbed and cause the wood to warp and finishes to de-laminate.

How to Prevent:


Do not write directly on the surface.


Do not use cleaners or polishes

that contain wax and silicone.


Maintain even humidity conditions

in your home.


Do not place in direct sunlight.


Do not place hot kettles, pots, etc. on the surface.


Do not use rubber-based placemats.

Use cloth or cork/hardboard.

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