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We have your restoration solutions

A Fully Equipped Workshop

We have a full cabinet shop and specialize in reproducing replacement parts and repairing your furniture or cabinetry. For example, repair and re-glue all cabinetry, turn new spindles, make new table leaves, extend bed rails, and veneer work.

At Artistic Antique Restorations, we take great pride in not damaging your furniture or its wooded joints that may be caused by dip tanks. We use a furniture safe method which is a flow over system where your furniture is never submersed. The stripper is sprayed on and the finish is scrubbed off much like washing your car. We also use hand stripping methods with brush on gel strippers.

After all structural repairs and glueing are complete, we make sure all doors and drawers are fitted properly. Depending on your desired look, we can sand and repair your dents and scratches or we can distress your furniture to give it an aged look.

We also have solutions for loose and wobbly chairs, water stains, white rings, pet damage and chair caning.

Insurance Claims

• Smoke Damage

• Water and Mould Damage

• Vandalism

• Moving, Fire or Flood Damage

For further assistance with disaster cleanup and restorations, click here.

Artistic Antique Restorations
Tradesman/ Contractors

We work with the customer to choose the appropriate finish to achieve the desired look. Finishes today are more eco-friendly with lower VOC's and are more durable. Glazing, antiquing, or faux are some of the finishes that we offer along with a custom colour matched paint or stain.

Regardless the size of your furniture, new work is always welcome. Price by the square foot varies, so please contact us for a quote and ask about special rates. Please visit our friends for other carpentry services.

Interior Designers

Work with our design team who are colour matching specialists. Their experience ensures your furniture will suit your décor.

Looking to purchase furniture for your home? Please click here to see some furniture stores.

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